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What does a copywriter actually do?

And why should you, as a passionate business owner, avail of copywriting services?

Well lemme break it down for you! 

You’ve got the ideas? Check!

You’ve got the services? Check!

You might even also have the website? Check!

But have you got perfectly punctuated, engaging, values drivencopy that turns visitors in to paying customers? 

“Copy” is any written material USED TO promote your business

It could be a social media caption, the content on your website, the written words on a flyer or the content of your emails. It’s the art of using words to promote a service and convince your readers to buy. 

We work so hard to bring customers to our website, and then wonder why we’re not convincing them to invest in our products and services. Often, this is because they haven’t connected with your copy. 

Great content can win over the heart of your dream customer without you lifting a finger. It can help a customer to believe in your mission, while you sleep. It can communicate your offers with clarity, humanity, heart and soul in a concise way, every single day. 

Need a little more info? 
Here are the top five reasons your business would benefit from Copywriting Services.

1.There’s nothing more precious in business than time.

Running a business is extremely time consuming! Particularly when your main focus needs to be on providing excellent services and products for your customer. So often, business owners don’t have time to develop a memorable and engaging brand voice that truly reflects their goals. When you work alongside a copywriter, you have the chance to hand this problem over to an expert. An  excellent copywriter can write in a voice that sounds like you and captures your greatness. So let your copywriter remove some of your workload and create some magic for your future.

2. Defining your brand voice is more important than you think!

You’ve told people what you offer, you’re consistent with your content and you’ve got your  website up and running. However, you’re still struggling to gain any customers through social media and your online presence. This is probably because you haven’t defined your brand voice. Your business needs to reflect your goals, your passion and your potential client. When you work with a copywriter, your website can act as the most incredible shop window, promoting you in all your glory 24 hours a day. Together, we can define your brand voice and make sure that every potential customer relates to you with ease. 

3. A copywriter has your business at the heart of what they do.

There’s no room for shyness or humility when it comes to telling the world how great your products or services are. And of course, when writing about yourself, it may be difficult. By employing a copywriter, you’re handing this task to someone who has you, your business and your success at the heart of what they do. It’s my job to make sure we celebrate your greatness, communicate your message with clarity and reach as many potential customers as you can. Therefore, you can sleep easy knowing your business is presenting at its highest potential.

4. Creativity is key to the process.

A great copywriter is a natural creative. This means they are full to the brim with ideas. When you work with AJC you’re not just working with a writer. You’re working with an artist who views the world from an outside perspective. We’ll work hard to help your brand stand tall amongst your competitors and use creativity to help you shine. By investing in creativity, you are not only gaining a great copywriting service, but also access to a creative mind that wants your business to bloom and grow. Some outside perspective can be just what your business needs to grow and succeed.

5. Persuasive, punctuated and perfect!

When working with a trusted copywriter, you can be sure your writing will be persuasive, punctuated and perfect! An excellent copywriter will pride themselves on perfect spelling and grammar, which can truly be the making or breaking of your business. It’s vital that the words you choose to represent your business are the right ones, and truly reflect your vision. As well as that, your copy will perfectly balance strategy with soul. So what does that mean? It means that Search Engine Optimisation will be considered, it means that your copy will use language that speaks to different kinds of decision makers, it means that you’ll have a coherent and clear marketing method employed throughout your site and it also means that all of this will be underpinned by your values. The humanity, heart and connection that your writing exudes is the secret sauce to reaching customers and clients. By employing a great copywriter, you’re ensuring that this balance is struck perfectly. 

So there ya have it! 

Five reasons employing a copywriter is a really great idea for your business. 

You won’t regret it. 

All the good vibes, 


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Get the free guide to write social media captions with flow and ease.

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