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Having developed my own craft as a poet, playwright and workshop facilitator, I have the great honour of delivering creative writing courses, classes, events and writing for commissioned projects.  


Believing in the power of creativity. 

Empowering every person to tap into their creative power:  
That’s my life’s work.

I truly believe that words have power. They have the power to connect, celebrate and support our community to thrive and grow.   


Aoibh Johnson Creative can offer your business or organisation a Writing For Wellbeing workshop that is designed to inspire innovative thinking, support participants in exploring creative ideas and give each person a chance to experience how writing can be used as a useful tool to improve our mental health.  


Get in touch to receive a quote. 

-Suitable for groups of 5-15.  

-Aoibh works continuously with corporate organisations, charities and community groups to deliver these workshops.  

Creativity is something that every person has within them. I’m a firm believer that every soul on earth has something creative to offer and when we tap into that power, magnificent things happen.  


These writing workshops are a safe space for participants to explore how we can use creative writing as a daily practice to nurture our mental and creative well-being.  

With shared reading, creative exercises, and an opportunity to write collaboratively, you’ll leave this space feeling empowered and inspired. 


These classes are currently delivered in The Duncairn Arts Centre in Belfast and are also available through Wee Yarn Productions throughout the year.  


Aoibh's workshops are consistently person-led, meaning that the classes will be shaped according to the needs and interests of the participants.  

When learning about creative writing, there are strategies, tricks, and tips to get things moving. However, the real magic happens when we’re given structure, space to explore, and the chance to try things out without fear. I absolutely love facilitating creative writing workshops, because there’s something truly special about shared art and creative expression. 


Eager to learn how to write your first play? No problem.  

Are short stories your thing? We'll make it happen.  

Ready to unleash the poet within? I have you covered.  

Passionate about words, their power, and the potential for great writing to change the world, all my classes are safe, shared spaces for creative expression.  

 6, 8 and 12 week Creative Writing Classes.  

No previous experience is necessary, all you need is some curiosity, a budding idea, and the drive to connect with fellow creatives.  


Get in touch and have Aoibh write for you.  

Feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat about what you, your organisation or your event needs.  

Does your organisation need some poetry for a new campaign? Are you hosting an event and a specially crafted piece of writing would bring it the sparkle it deserves? Do you need a speech written for an event or celebration? 

I have had the great honour of writing poetry and creative pieces for numerous events, to include personal celebrations such as weddings and birthdays to large events such as Dunlewey Addiction Services’ Gala Ball, celebrating 35 years of service.  

Words have transformative power and can bring heartfelt emotion, beauty and joy to spaces.  

“I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of these last 6 weeks. I think Aoibh’s approach has been so nurturing she has brought out the best in every member of the class.”


“I have loved every minute of Aoibh’s classes. They should be available on the NHS. Incredible for my well being.”


“You’ve been absolutely great and I feel you’ve really adapted your style to our level and how much you think you can challenge us. I’m also very grateful for your constructive feedback on my pieces of work as it is not an opportunity people without a creative/expert peer group can simply access.”


“The creative writing group in the Duncairn has been a dream for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to lead it. I feel like I’ve learned heaps from you in such a short space of time and your approach is so easy going and nurturing.”


“I have hidden my writing for years and years and after working alongside Aoibh, I no longer feel shame about it. In fact, I feel proud of it and feel like I can truly call myself a writer for the first time in my life.”


“The thing I love most about the classes with Aoibh is the sense of belonging that I feel. I wouldn’t always feel like I fit in everywhere I go, and this space has not only made me feel welcome, but also feel like I’m valued and really quite good at something. It means a lot.”


“I never in a million years thought I would enjoy a creative writing class but the last 12 weeks have been incredible. For the first time, I truly believe I am creative. Aoibh has helped me understand the power of words. Thank you.” 

Youth Group Participant

“The only thing I didn’t like about these sessions was the fact that they ended. Aoibh is a breath of fresh air and has given me back my love for creativity. I’m not the best writer in the world and spelling isn’t my best friend, but Aoibh never made me feel like this was holding me back. I’ve loved every minute.” 

Youth Group Participant

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Let’s begin the voyage to realising your vision, together. 

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